How to Check ISO Certificate

How to Check ISO Certificate?

How to check ISO certificate Post will help you to check your certificate from your own computer or from your own mobile phone. There may be some fake or expired certificates in the market. Some business owner do not like to extend his certificate because a cost is connected with the extension. That’s why they use fake or expired certificate.

Suppose ISO 9001 2000 is absolute now. This is not acceptable now. ISO 9001 2008 is also going to be expired on Sept 2018. So, you should have idea about version of the standard 9001. It means what is the latest version of standard is available in the market.

Who provides fake certificate they do not follow the ISO guidelines.They do not control quality in  his business processes. So, it is risky to make contract with dishonest business man who provides fake certificate. So, it is your responsibility to check the genuineness of your certificate. Follow the following steps to check the ISO Certificate.

  • Check your Certificate
  • Know the CB(Certification Body) name from the certficate
  • Collect web address of that CB
  • Go to the website of that CB
  • From the website check certificate authenticity or certificate check option and click there
  • Insert company name and certificate number in the search box and click search

But all CB do not have this option in their websites. In that case you can talk with them or you can send email for checking certificate’s validity.

That’s all to check ISO certificate’s authenticity