ISO Certification in Bangladesh

This post will help you to get idea about how to get ISO Certificate in Bangladesh. Before going to discuss the topic let’s know what is ISO? ISO is the short form of International  Organization for Standardization. It’s head office is in Geneva Switzerland. It introduces standard only. More than 20,000 standard have been introduced by this organization since it began it’s journey.

Though ISO publishes ISO Standard but it does not issues or give certificate. So, to get certificate you will have to find a certification body who performs audit and issues iso certificate.

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Most of the certification bodies are working in Bangladesh are from abroad. Specially UK, India, Australia, USA etc. But among them UK Certification body has been dominating  ISO certification market. The cause is historical. British ruled this country more than 200 years.

Bangladeshis are well known with British culture. Still now doctors engineers are very much enthusiast to achieve  higher degree from the UK. So, from the beginning British certificate has extra value to the people of Bangladesh. Considering the peoples tendency and tradition AAS has been working in Bangladesh with British Certification Body since 2012.

For details call now 01742125232 for ISO CERTIFICATION IN BANGLADESH

AAS has provided more than 500 certificates in different organizations including Engineering Consulting firms (who are working in mega project in Bangladesh with foreign principals), Contractors, Plastic Industry, Garments and Textiles, Exporter, Importer, Distributors, Trading company, Out sourcing company, Transformer manufacturers and many more.

What is ISO cost?

AAS provides iso certificates in Bangladesh as the lowest cost comparing with other certification body. It starts from sixty thousands to 1.6 lac only. It varies on company’s category, size and duration of iso certificate. For details call now 01742125232

What is the requirements of QMS Certification in Bangladesh?

A large number of documents are required for qms certificate. Among them Quality Manual, SOP, policy, scope, objectives, planning, risk and opportunity, Internal and external issues, Internal audit, You will have to prepare those documents before ISO Audit. Do not worry. You can get all those documentation from here

For details call now 01742125232 for ISO CERTIFICATION IN BANGLADESH