Get ISO Certificate from UK post will help you to get iso 9001, iso 14001 and other iso standards based certificates from United Kingdom. Getting ISO Certificate from uk means your certificates are accepted worldwide. Not only that, if your certificates come from UK it will be  weighted more than any other countries in the world.

IQS Certification

iqs certificate from UK

There is a good reputation of United kingdom’s certificate. It is our tradition. After  passing from university a student finds doctorate degree from Cambridge University or any other re-known university in the UK.  Not only that all doctors find to get a fcpp or frcs degree from London. because there is separate value of London or UK degree.

ISO Certificate is not different from that  idea. Most of the world market is captured by UK based certification Bodies around the world. UK based certification body(CB) has world wide agent. They work as an associates of the respected uk iso company.

From 16th century the British has spread their dominance around the subcontinent. Not only dominance they have contribution for creation of ISO too. British standard BS 5750 has influenced a lot to create ISO 9001 Standard. The most used and most popular ISO standard around the world.

Worldwide the British certification bodies have good popularity. One of the best good sides of UK CB is that, they all are Accredited Certification Bodies. It means they have accreditation which helps iso auditors to increase competence. British Accredited Certification bodies maintain impartial approach which is very important to maintain quality in any organization.

Like other countries Bangladesh is not different from that. All top level certification bodies are from UK. In Bangladesh AAS is the only company who provides certificate direct from UK.

Why you should select UK CB?

This is a good question. There are many ISO Companies in Bangladesh. So, how can you select the best one. Before selecting an UK iso company you should consider the following things:

  • Accreditation
  • Easy process
  • Low cost
  • Accepted worldwide
  • Certificate issuing place

If you want to get those facilities from your certificate, then Advanced Assessment Services(AAS) is the right place for you. Because AAS provides certificate direct from the UK. More reasons to achieve certificate from AAS are as following:

  • Local audit but global certificate
  • Provide certificate in the shortest time
  • Flexible duration of certificate(1 or 3 years period)
  • World wide acceptance

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Finally we think this post get iso certificate  from uk has helped you a lot  to take decision  to select ISO company,