What is World Standard Day?

What is World Standards Day?

In 1946, 25 countries gathered in London to introduce unique standard for all countries around the world. It was a great decision from the member countries to simplify the business, technology, trade and economic activities around the world.  So, since 14 October, 1970 first world standards day was celebrated worldwide.

Though ISO was established in 1946, 23rd February but World standards day was established in 1946, 14 October. Four years later it started to celebrate its first anniversary. Though most of the countries are celebrating 14 October but America celebrates this historic day on 23rd October.

Celebrating world standards day means respecting the communities of IEC, ISO, ITU, IEEE, IETF etc. World standards day remind us to follow the same standard worldwide. It facilitate business activities around the world. This year 2015 slogan of world standards day is:

Standards – the world’s common language

Though the developed countries have made this day but many developing countries are getting facilities for doing business with developed countries. It is a great opportunity for poor countries to connect with developed countries for doing business by adopting and implementing international standards in their organizations.

There are many internationals standards like ISO 9001, 14001, OHSAS for industries which are unique around the world. If you can implement those standards in your factory you will get  preference to export your products to overseas.

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