Management Review and ISO Standard


Management Review and ISO standard are closely related with each other. It is one of the mandatory things for ISO management system standard Certification and after certification. Most of the companies do it very frequently as it needs basis. But this should be done at planned intervals according to ISO management system standard requirement. Twice in a year is standard for ISO Certified company.

How much it is suitable, adequate, effective and aligned with the company’s strategic direction that is checked by this Management Review Meeting(MRM). In another word you can say QMS(Quality Management System) performance is measured by this meeting.

It is told in the clause number 9.3 of ISO 9001:2015 standard. 9.3 is the sub clause of main clause 9. Clause 9 describes the Performance evaluation of the QMS. It is divided into three parts one is MONITORING MEASUREMENT ANALYSIS AND EVALUATION second is INTERNAL AUDIT and the third part is MR(Management Review)

Management Review and ISO Standard
Management Review Meeting

Management Review and ISO standard is a part of each other. One cannot live without other. There is a guideline for performing MR according to ISO 9001 or management system standard. Usually there should be two parts one is input and another is output

INPUT: Previous status of MR, any changes of external and internal issues, customer satisfaction and feedback, status of quality objectives, conformity of products and services, status of NC and CA Plans, monitoring & measurement result of products and services, internal audit report, performances of external providers, adequacy of resources, effectiveness of actions taken on risks and OFI(Opportunity of improvement)

OUTPUT: Decisions and actions from the management on OFI, any need for changes of QMS and resource needs.

For effectiveness of ISO management system standard certification there is a close relation between the two phrase and that is Management Review and ISO Standard.

Document Control Procedure

Documents control procedure is found in ISO 9001. Controlled documents is one of the requirements of ISO 9001 standard. According to the clause no 4.2.3 all documents must be controlled. Though there is no specific guideline to control your documents however most of the companies who are ISO 9001 Certified  control their documents in the following ways:

  • There will be approval in the documents
  • Documents no, revision no, revision date will be written at the bottom or at the top of the page
  • Review and update is necessary to re-approve documents
  • Latest version of documents should be used at the point of use
  • Documents must be legible and identifiable
  • Control documents can be stamped by RED COLOR
  • Uncontrolled documents can be stapled by GREEN COLOR

How documents controlled  help a company?

The answer is to prevent unintended use of obsolete documents. Change is important for better management of your company. Suppose twenty years ago you used a form where there were no option of writing email address or your company web site address but now it is digital era. So, you should change your form by adding new items or content.

How many years documents should be preserved?

Though there is no  constant rule about it however maximum companies preserve the old for three years.

Why control is necessary in your documents?

To keep pace with your need it is necessary to develop your forms and documents at any time.So what you have used in two years ago that can be obsoleted if you create new one. But you will have to preserved the old documents for future reference. Any time it can be needed. But when a new documents will be created old documents should be stamped OBSOLETE Documents.

Document control procedure can also be done in digital way. To save our environment it is not necessary to take  print. Printed documents can be used where internet or computer is not available. It is wise decision to use soft copy of your documents when internet or computer is available.

There are many views and opinions about documents control procedures  from ISO Consultants and ISO experts. You can read more about this topic from google.