UKAS Accreditation

ukas accreditationUKAS accreditation is a phrase which is used by many organizations who look for ISO Certification in Bangladesh. Sometimes it is used as UKAS Certification. This post will help you about this phrase UKAS accreditation or UKAS Certification.

UKAS is a short form of United Kingdom Accreditation Service. It is the sole national accreditation body recognized by the British government to assess the competence of organisations that provide certification, testing, inspection and calibration services.

UKAS actually does not provide direct certificate to any company. It take cares the Certification bodies who actually works with your company for ISO Certification and after certification.There are few certification bodies who are UKAS accredited and are working in Bangladesh.

Sometimes it makes confusion about which UKAS accredited CB is best for you. It also makes question what is the price of UKAS accredited Certification in Bangladesh? Actually the cost differs from CB to CB, Some CB(Certification Body) take less fee and some take higher fee, So how can you find the low cost UKAS accredited Body?

Though we do not provide direct UKAS accredited certificate but we can assist you to find the best UKAS accredited body in Bangladesh. As a part of certification industry it is well known to us about all UKAS accredited certification bodies in Bangladesh.

Actually the UKAS accreditation fee is same for all CBs but why the cost is different for different CB? The answer is easy and it is: some CB take much profit and some less.

The certification cost is also vary due to iso consultancy fee. UKAS accredited CB will never give you consultancy services. You will have to take this service from third party ISO Consultant. To find the best consultant you may contact with us.

Finally to get your best UKAS accredited CB and ISO Consultancy services please visit this page or call at 01742125232