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ISO for garments blog post will help you why and how a garment can adopt ISO Certfiicate. Bangladesh is the second largest apparel or ready made garment manufacturer and exporter in the world. Low labor cost is the major cause of staying in this second position. China is the first position. But due to raising labor cost in China the apparel business is shifting from China to neighboring countries like Bangladesh, Vietnam, Laos, India etc.

Though there are thousands of garment factories in Bangladesh but only a small parts are ISO 9001 Certified. Getting ISO Certificate is linked with extra cost. So, no garment owner likes to pay extra money in the production. So, if buyers  come ahead to help the garments industry to be ISO certified then it will be beneficial for both the parties.

Buyers want quality garment products and on-time delivery. These two things are focused on ISO 9001:2015 Certification. If any garment takes ISO 9001 Certificate then Certification Body( CB) will help the garment factory to implement quality guidelines of the international standard on regular basis. Before and after certification a CB performs audit in that garment factory.

From audits many faults and quality related gaps can be identified and can be reduced those gaps. When a garment will be ISO certified  it will be able to reduce his alter in production. Same kind of alter may be stopped by taking CA Plan. CA plan is one of the most effective tools for reducing alter and wastes in garment industry.

Quality checking is one of the major tasks of production staffs. ISO helps to establish quality procedure for the workers in a garment. ISO is very much focused on in-house quality checking activities. In a line  many jobs are done. According to iso requirements all important stages should be checked and recorded rather than final inspection.

Objective set and achievement: The major problem for management in production is less production. ISO will help the production staffs how to set and  achieve the objective including  daily production.

Customer satisfaction: ISO 9001 standards is very much focused on Customer satisfaction.  It always tells to meet customer requirements.

Quality raw materials: If any garment wants to produce quality garment products then ingredients and garment accessories also should be good quality. ISO 9001 Standard show how to select and  purchase good quality raw materials.

Measurement faults: Most of the garments use non- calibrated measuring devices. When a garment takes iso 9001 certificate then it is forced by CB to use calibrated monitoring and measuring devices. This helps a  garment to reduce measurement related discrimination of garment products.

ISO 9001 is the great tool for garment buyers. It ensures buyer that his supplier would be able to deliver quality garments on time. Only buyers from around the world  can assist or suggest the garment manufacturers to adopt iso 9001 standard in the garment factory. They can add a term in their order sheet/contract sheet, that the garment owners must have quality certificate in their factories then it will be effective.

Advanced Assessment Services(AAS) in Bangladesh always assists garment factories to achieve ISO 9001 as well as iso 14001 Certificate at the lowest cost. To contact with AAS you can go this page .