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food safety training

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Food safety training is provided from Advanced Assessment Services. After getting training you can achieve food safety training certificate as a Internal auditor in food safety.  For compliance of international standard it is very much important to know the guideline for food safety.

Using formalin and carbide in food is widely practice in Bangladesh. It is throwing people in dangerous situation. People’s internal organ like, lung, liver, heart kidney are badly affected from those illegal chemical in the food. It is violation of food regulation.

Knowing  hygiene and sanitation rule is also important for food worker in food industry. Only food safety training can educate you how to practice of hygiene and cleanliness rule.

Cost is the major factor for workers to take this training. In this respect company owner should come ahead to train the food employee staff.

In Bangladesh we are the first who provide food safety training on ISO standard like HACCP and ISO 22000 Standards as the lowest cost.

If you are thinking to export your food in Europe or America then adapting iso 22000 and haccp certificate is must. To implement haccp and 22000 standard, your staff should take food safety training.

Food safety ISO certificate is also provided from Advanced  Assessment Services at the lowest cost in Bangladesh. Our food safety certificate is accredited and accepted worldwide.


Who needs?

If you are a food company owner or a management or QC staff of any food company then it is right for you.

What is the cost?

Very minimum. We provide food safety training at the lowest cost. Per person 7000 Taka only.

Who is the trainer?

An ISO Lead Auditor who is certified on ISO 22000 and HACCP Standard and who has working experience in food industry more than ten  years.

When it is available?

This food safety training is provided twice in a month.

How to book?

Simply call 01742125232 or visit this link for address