ISO 27001 Requirement

ISO 27001 requirement post will help you to know what are the requirement for isms(information security management system standard) certification. If you have the copy of ISO 27001 standard then you can read thoroughly to know what are the requirement for this security information management system standard certification.

To prepare ISMS requirement you need to hire an ISO Consultant. An ISO implementer can help you to prepare those 27K requirements. Though 27001 standard is similar with other management standards like 9001, 14001, 22000, 45001 etc but  documentation should be done carefully with extra care for 27001 implementation. Because it can be your great tool to manage and monitor your information related various online and offline based threat.

Important information may be disclosed and great risk can be arise if your 27001 standard instruction or documentations are not prepared properly and not implemented accurately. That’s why an expert ISMS consultant can help you to prepare those documents skillfully.

27001:2013 has many documentation  requirements. However following are the mandatory documents and instructions for information security management system certification:

  • Scope of the information security management system standard (4.3)
  • ISMS policy (5.2 e)
  • Information security risk assessment process (6.1.2)
  • Information security risk treatment process (6.1.3)
  • Statement of Applicability (SoA) (6.1.3 d)
  • Information security objectives (6.2)
  • Evidence of competence (7.2)
  • Documentation necessary for the effectiveness of the 27001 standard(7.5.1 b)
  • Documentation necessary to have confidence that the processes required for operational planning and control have been carried out as planned (8.1)
  • Results of information security risk assessments (8.2)
  • Results of information security risk treatments (8.3)
  • Evidence of the information security performance monitoring and measurement results (9.1)
  • Internal audit  (9.2 g)
  • Management reviews (9.3)
  • Nonconformities and Corrective actions (10.1)

AAS has several ISO 27001 Consultants who can help you to prepare  27001 requirements skillfully.  They are dependable because they have already worked as 27001 lead implementer in different organizations including Uttara Bank. You can contact with AAS from this page to prepare and implement iso 27001 requirement for your organization.

ISO 27001 Requirement

ISO 27001 requirement post will help them who are looking for ISMS Certification for their organizations. Establishing document is a first and basic part for ISO 27001:2013 Certification. Take a short look from below to know the mandatory documents for ISMS Certification:

  • ISMS Scope
  • Information Security Policy
  • Information security Objectives
  • Risk Treatment Plan
  • Risk treatment methodology/process
  • Statement of applicability
  • Internal Audit
  • Management Review Meeting
  • NC Record
  • CA Plan
  • Competence evidence
  • Operational planning and control
  • Result of risk assessment
  • Result of risk treatment