Purchase ISO Standards

ISO Standard can be collected by two ways. One is free for those who will make contract with us for iso certification process and another way is Purchase iso standards if you are not thinking to get certificate right now from us. This purchase iso standard page will help you to get ISO Standards in Bangladesh only.

ISO standard is very important document before going to get ISO Certified. If you are thinking to obtain  ISO Certificate then it is your first job to collect ISO standard. Read first what are in- formations there in the standard.

After completion of reading standard you can prepare your documents by yourself or you can take help from consultant. So, if you think you will adopt ISO standard  in your organization in future you can collect now the ISO standard.

Who needs iso standard?

Purchase iso standard and know about the international quality management system. Organizations who are thinking about ISO Certificate, ISO auditor, QMS personnel, ISO internal auditor, organization owner, personnel who are thinking to participate in ISO auditor training soon and who are enthusiast about Quality Management System.

How to get ISO Standard?

You can collect ISO  Standard from us in the following ways:

If you have international credit card you can collect it from ISO Head quarter for USD 156 from ISO Store.

To collect copy from us you will have to pay 1000 Taka only.

To collect copy of ISO standard just visit here