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This is the picture of accredited certificate

Accredited ISO Certificate

Accredited Certificate means there will be two logos in your certificate. One is CB’S Logo and another is AB’s Logo.

This post will help you to understand that we provide accredited certificate which is accepted worldwide in any country or any buyer around the world.The above both logos will be in your certificate. First one is Certification Body’s Logo and the second one is Accreditation Body’s logo.

If you get certified from us you will get the above two logos in your certificate. This logos can be used in your referred documents like letter head pad, visiting card, sign board, carton etc. This is the symbol of Accredited Certificate.  On the other hand accredited certificate must have two logos like above.

If any Certification Body(CB) claims that it is providing Accredited Certificate then you will must check that two logos are there like above. One is Accreditation Boy’s Logo and another one is Certification Body’s Logo. It is the symbol of ACCREDITED CERTIFICATE.

DAC Logo

DAC Accreditation Body image

BAS is also accredited by DAC (Dubai Accredited Center). It is the government own organization in UAE. If any company wants to get this DAC logo instead of the above one(AIAC), then it is also possible. AIAC is the UK based non-governmental Accreditation Body. However, both are accepted worldwide.

Why Accredited Certificate?

If you are exporter then accredited certificate is required. So, before starting your certification process be sure with your importers or buyers actually what kind of certificate they want? Usually accredited certificate price is higher than non-accredited certificate.

To know more about our Certification Body (CB) BAS Certificatin you may go here. To know more about our accreditation Body(AB) AIAC you may go to AIAC Accreditation  website or for DAC  accrediatation you may go DAC website . You can find Certification  body BAS is there.

AAS is also authorized associate partner  of IQS UK Ltd and QCIC UK Ltd to provide Management System certificate in Bangladesh. So, if you like to get accredited certificate direct from UK then AAS is your right choice. Advanced Assessment Services is the right place to get iso certificate direct from UK.

iqs certificate in Bangladesh

IQS Logo

uk accredited certificate







We are also associate partner of the following UK based certification body, Accreditation Body and IAB located in the United Kingdom.

ukac accreditation

IAB Logo

qcic logo ukac-logo