ISO Certified IT Company
ISO Certified IT Company Grameen Solutions Ltd
ISO Certified IT company Grameen Solutions Ltd was founded by Novel Laureate Professor Yunus.
iso certified electronics company in Bangladesh
ISO Certified Electronics Co. OnnoRokom Electronics Ltd
Country manager MD Abdul Halim delivering ISO Certificate to the Chairman of OnnoRokom Electronics Ltd.
ISO Certified construction Company in Bangladesh
SEPL got ISO 9001Certificate from BAS
ISO 9001 Certified construction company SEPL in Bangladesh
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ISO Certificate
ISO Certificate for UCEP


Welcome and thank you for visiting Advanced Assessment Services (AAS). From this site you will know, how to get iso certificate, ISO certification process, ISO Cost, ISO Certification bodies, ISO Auditor, ISO Training, ISO Certification requirements, ISO Benefits, ISO 9001, requirements of ISO 9001, ISO News and ISO Articles on various topics. There are few iso agents in Bangladesh but AAS is the most low cost ISO agent in Bangladesh.

To know more about certification process visit the contact page. To find others iso information simply select the item from menu-bar or select from bottom links of this page and click to read. AAS is the best iso 9001 certification body agent in Bangladesh.Please do not feel hesitation to express your opinion about us. Your comment is very important to us. So, please throw a comment at the comment box located at the bottom of all posts. It will help us to develop our site's content.

Why ISO Certificate?

  1. It helps to develop quality
  2. It is requirement of buyers
  3. It creates competence of staffs
  4. It reduces wastes in production
  5. It is great marketing tool
  6. It helps to access international market
  7. It increases your company revenue

Certification Process

We provide ISO Certificate after successful completion of ISO Audits. We provide accredited ISO Certificate on ISO 9001, ISO 14001, HACCP OHSAS etc. To See our certification process visit ISO Certification Process

Benefits of ISO

There are many benefits of ISO. It helps to develop your management system, it helps to reduce your production cost, it increases your company staff's competency, it meets buyers requirements and many more. Read more about benefits of ISO

ISO 9001 Requirements

There are few requirements of ISO 9001 Certification. Before starting certification process you have to implement these requirements. Read more about ISO 9001 Requirements

Why BAS Certificate?

  1. BAS Certificates are accredited & Internationally accepted
  2. Certification cost is the lowest
  3. Free ISO training
  4. Certificates in the shortest time
  5. BAS has most experienced ISO auditors
  6. Excellent Customer Services

ISO Training

We provide various ISO Training. To See our iso training programs including ISO Lead Auditor course on ISO 9001, ISO 9001 Overview Training, ISO Implementation training etc visit page of ISO Training

Certification Cost

ISO Certification Cost depends on various things including employee numbers, production process, company's present status, number of sites, auditors availibility etc. However to get details idea about certification cost you may visit ISO Certification Cost

Who Needs ISO 9001 Certificate ?

Any kinds of and any size of organization who are serious about quality and where is the requirements of ISO 9001 can adopt ISO 9001. Read more WHO NEEDS ISO 9001