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What is ISO?

ISO is a short form of International Organization of Standardization. It does not issues ISO Certificate. It introduces standards only. The head office of ISO is in Geneva, Switzerland. Around 165 countries are the member of this world forum.


What is Certification Body(CB)?

CB is a third  party organization who issues certificates. There are many certification bodies around the world.


What is Accreditation Body(AB)?

Accreditation Body looks after the certification bodies. It can be governmental and non governmental. It has no direct link with you. It audits the CBs.


How to Get ISO Certificate?

Before going to get ISO Certificate you will have to find one accredited certification body or ISO Company. You will also consider the price. Because some company take big money and some less.


What is ISO Cost?

ISO Certification cost varies on company to company. ISO cost depends on various issues. Number of employees, number of sites, kinds of process, iso consultancy services, preparing iso documentation, auditor’s availability and few other terms.


What is the Certification Process?

Certification Body or ISO Consultant will tell you the process. However the traditional process is: Select standard,  prepare iso documents, implement ISO standard requirements and participate in the audit.