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How Can I Get ISO Certificate

How can I get ISO Certificate?

This is very common question to many prospects. First of all you should select ISO Standard. There are many ISO standards. You can select one from this post about common ISO standards.  Next follow the following process to get your answer how can i get ISO Certificate:

  • Select ISO Certification Body: After selecting standard selecting Certification Body is your second job to get certificate. Certification Body will tell you what you should do to proceed on certification process. Here is a tip to select your certification body. Some certification bodies(CB) are accredited and some are non-accredited. So, talk first with your CB about accreditation.
  • Prepare ISO Documents: This is your third job to get ISO Certificate. In 2015 version less iso documents are required comparing with any previous version of ISO Standard. You can do it by yourself after taking training from your CB or you can hire an ISO Consultant to do that. Documents are simply official instruction to run your organization. Many company have necessary documents. However, for ISO Certification some special docs are necessary like quality policy, quality objectives, customer feedback etc.

    quality audit in garment

    iso audit in a garment

  • Implement your documents: After completion of your documents it is necessary to do work according to your official instruction. Suppose for purchasing raw materials the purchase department must follow the purchase policy or guideline which is passed by top management. Selecting quality supplier,  collecting quotation, do first party audit for checking material’s quality, issue work order and verify incoming material’s quality etc are the common practice for purchase department. If you follow these step by step process and keep record to purchase raw materials then it can be said you have implemented ISO requirements in your purchase department.
  • Do Internal Audit: When all the departments are documented and implemented ISO guideline then the forth job is do Internal audit. To do this job you need internal auditor training. You can also do internal audit by hiring a free lancer auditor or by an ISO Consultant.
  • Managment Review Meeting(MRM): This is the 6th stage of  getting ISO Certification . After completion Internal audit it is also mandatory to do MRM. From your end it is your last job.
  • Stage1 and Stage2 Audit: This is the job of your certification body. Before issuing certificate your CB will do Stage1 and Stage2 audit. If there is no NC then CB will issue ISO Certificate for you. If there is NC your CB will ask you to close the NC Before issuing ISO Certificate.

I think the above post will help you to get answer how can i get iso certificate?

Before ISO Certification you need to prepare ISO Documents or you can buy those iso files from online store by pushing below button

ISO 27001 Certification

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ISO 27001 Certification is the growing trend for it, data, financial organization and bank. Security is the major concern in IT and data management  firms. To protect from this threat there is no alternative of adopting ISO 27001 Standard certification. This standard can help you to protect your data from hackers. This standard is also very beneficial for financial institute like bank, insurance, leasing company, call center, software development firm etc.

Why Needs ISO 27001 Standard?

To secure company information it shows guidelines for all types of information, including digital, paper-based documents, intellectual property, company secrets, data on devices, servers, hard copies and personal information. ISMS certification also resist from possible cyber attacks.

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What are 27001 Documentation?

For security management System Certification it is first and important thing that preparing some mandatory documents like security policy, Security Procedures, Asset Registrar, Risk Registrar, Various forms and some other required documents which should be prepared before going to attend certification body audit. Only 27001 consultant can help you to develop those ISMS documents.

What are Benefits of 27001 Certification?

  • Reduces cyber attacks
  • Secures confidentiality of your data
  • Develops data management process
  • Establishes Risk assessment and treatment process
  • Reduces online threats
  • Increases skill of IT staffs
  • Provides frame works of data security

Who provides ISO 27001 Certificate in Bangladesh?

AAS provides Security management system certification in Bangladesh. AAS is the first and most popular certification body partner in Bangladesh who provides certificate in the shortest time and at the lowest cost. It is the only iso company in Bangladesh who works with UK based certification body IQS Audits located in the UK.

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How AAS Works?

AAS has 27001 certified IRCA auditors and consultants who has long time working experience in different kinds of  top label IT firms, Banks and other financial institutes. To obtain 27001 certification AAS performs audits and training on 27001 standard.

Receive 27001 Certificate from AAS means you are getting certificate from the UK. Local auditors audits here and those are sent for review in the UK. Final decision comes from UK and certificates are also issued from UK.

Who Needs This ISMS Certificate?

IT Company, Private Banks, Government Bank, Insurance Company, Brokerage company, Data management company, Out sourcing companies, Mobile operators and others.

 What are the ISO 27001 Certification Process?

The certification process of ISO 27001 is almost same as other management system certification. Training, documentation , implementation, Internal audit are few steps to get ISO 27001 Certification. To see more please visit this page. Contact with AAS From this link


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How to Verify ISO Certificate

How to Verify ISO Certificate is a very common question to many clients? Sometimes I get  call from many offices in Bangladesh that how can I verify the ISO Certificate?

Everywhere there are two types of people one is bad and another one  is good. In the business to save money this is very common incident to submit expired certificate or suspended certificate or fake certificate.

Bangladesh is not different. There are many fake businessmen or suppliers who submit such kind of certificate to the tenderer to get the supplying job or to get the contract job. That’s why from the offices sometimes somebody call me to verify the ISO Certificate.

This post will help those companies who are looking for checking the ISO Certificate instantly. Simply follow the following steps:

  1. Go to the Certification Body’s or Accreditation Body’s website
  2. Find the title or link to verify certificate or authenticate certificate
  3. Write the certificate number in the box and push enter
  4. Check the result

In Bangladesh there are few certification bodies  who provide accredited certificate from UKAS, ANAB, JAZ-ANZ, CNN, ASCB, DAC, AIAC etc. If your certificates are accredited then simply go to those accreditation body’s site and follow the above 4 steps to verify ISO Certificate.

Usually the the accreditation body’s name is in the certificate along with certificate no and expiring date. If you do not find the accreditation body name from the above list then you may assume that the certificate is not accredited.

If your certificate is not accredited then you can go to the certification body’s web site to check your ISO Certificate. If you are not sure who is your accreditation body and who is your certification body then simply ask your vendor or company to know the AB and CB name along with their website.

EXAMPLE  to verify certificate:

Suppose you want to check the certificate of a company MEC Logistics. So , you will have to go to the certification body(CB) or accreditation body’s(AB) web site suppose you want to check it from CB’s website. So, you will have to go IQS UK Ltd’s web site and then find the title CERTIFICATION AUTHENTICITY simply click there and put the company name or certificate number and put enter. That’s all you will get the necessary information.

how to verify iso certificate

how to verify iso certificate

There is other way to verify your ISO Certificate. You can directly call your CB or AB office or you can send email too to verify your certificate.

Though ISO publishes all standards but there is no facility yet to check your ISO Certificate from Geneva based ISO office website But we hope ISO will take necessary steps for company’s around the world to check ISO certificates from their website.


How to ISO Certification in BD

how to iso certification

BETS Consulting Services is receiving ISO Certificate from Advanced Assessment Services in Dhaka

How to ISO Certification for Your Organization?

How to iso certification is very common question to many of you who are looking for ISO Certificate. Following few steps will help you to get answer of your question How to ISO Certification.

  • Select Standard: There are more than 19500 standards. So, select the standard and standard version actually which one and which version is appropriate for you? You can select iso standard
  • Select Certification Body: Who provides ISO Certificates is called ISO Certification Body. So, it is your first job to find a iso company who provides ISO certificate in your region.
  • Negotiate Certification Cost: It is your second job to talk about the cost of ISO Certification. There is no fixed and common price for ISO Certification. Different ISO company takes different fee. So, you should choose someone who take small money.
  • Negotiate ISO training Fee: ISO training is must for ISO Certification. It is most important to let your staffs know the standard. If they do not know the standard how will they implement it in their work? Some company provide ISO training some do not. So , ensure this issue during the contract making time.
  • Discus Documentation: Before certification you need some ISO documents. Documents means your  instructions how will you implement ISO requirements in your organization. Usually an ISO consultant do this job. However, you can get reference from ISO Certification Body to get an ISO Consultant.
  • Certification Time: Some certification Body take several months to issue certificate. Some take short time, Several weeks only. So, finalize this issue how long will it take to get ISO Certificate?
  • Confirm Issuing Country: Certificates are issued in different countries. Usually issued certificate from the UK is more valuable and it is acceptable worldwide. So, before making contract where from the certificate will come?
  • Discuss about Accreditation: Accredited certificates are accepted worldwide. So, confirm with your certification body that they will provide your accredited ISO Certificate.

If you can ensure about the above 8 things clearly then it will easier for you to get certificate. Hope this post How to ISO Certification helped you a lot to get the answer of your question. If you need to know  more about ISO Certification process then please visit our ISO office.

Why ISO 9001:2015

Why ISO 9001:2015 Standard?

Get ISO 9001:2015 post will help you to get ISO 9001 latest version of quality management system certificate in Bangladesh. 25th September, 2015 Geneva based voluntary organization ISO has published the most popular standard ISO 9001:2015.

Each standard is reviewed each five years and republished after each 7 or 8 years interval. ISO 9001:2015 is the result of that. Worldwide more than 1.1 million companies adopted ISO 9001 Standard. It is the most popular standard among other ISO standards.

get iso 9001:2015

mobile accessory assembling factory

Why you should convert your current version into 2015 version?

There are some good characteristics of this new version of quality management system standard. Acting ISO Secretary-General Kevin McKinley explains: “ISO 9001 allows organizations to adapt to a changing world. It enhances an organization’s ability to satisfy its customers and provides a coherent foundation for growth and sustained success.”

The world is changing rapidly.  To keep pace with this changing ISO Standards are also changing. There are few changes which were very desired by the company owners. That ‘s why it is very favor to the company owners.  Some changes are as like as below:

  1. Adding High Level Structure(HLS)
  2. No documentation hassle
  3. No specific person is responsible only (MR) to implement ISO 9001
  4. Emphasis on top management’s participation to implement ISO 9001
  5. Focusing on PDCA Cycle.
  6. Focusing on increasing customer confidence
  7. Risk based thinking is also focused on this updated version of  ISO 9001

Nigel Croft (ISO Sub-committee Chair person) said: “We have now gone a step further, and ISO 9001:2015 is even less prescriptive than its predecessor, focusing instead on performance. We have achieved this by combining the process approach with risk-based thinking, and employing the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle at all levels in the organization”

Why you should adapt the latest version instead of 9001:2008?

From the above discussion it is cleared that it is less prescriptive means you need less documentation than previous version. So, easily you can prepare ISO 9001 documents by your self or by spending less money. Many organizations are implementing more than one management system standards. So, including HLS in this latest version of iso 9001 is very helpful for them who wants to implement more than one standard.

Who Provides ISO 9001:2015 in Bangladesh?

We are the first certification body agent in Bangladesh who are providing ISO 9001:2015 version. To contact with us you may visit AAS office. To read more about ISO 9001:2015 version you may visit ISO site at here