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ISO Certification Body in Bangladesh

ISO Certification Body provides ISO Certificate. Usually this body performs audit before ISO Certification. Usually there is two audits one is Stage one audit and the second one is stage two or certification audit. After completion the stage one the second one is done. Usually the gap between the two audits is 7-15 days. .

ISO Certification body is also known as ISO Registrar. Somebody call it iso certificate provider or iso certification company. Usually they direct work with a company. In the beginning ISO Company came from abroad to perform audit and issued iso certificate in Bangladesh. But now they do not come from abroad. Rather they have Bangladeshi representatives in Bangladesh.

An ISO Certification Body runs on an iso standard is called ISO 17021. It is given by ISO head quarter in Geneva. So, iso certification company is an independent company. No government restriction is there. However they are governed by a body is called Accreditation Body(AB)

Many ISO certification bodies are working in Bangladesh. Lack of local certification company in Bangladesh CB from abroad are dominating the Bangladeshi Certification market.

Most of the certification companies are from UK, America, Australia, Dubai, India or from in EU. Among them UK has monopoly market in this industry. A wide range of acceptance of UK certification body people like to adopt iso certificates from the UK based certification company.

UK Certification bodies have local office in Bangladesh. Most of them are engaged in testing of products for Bangladeshi manufacturers. However, they also provide certificate on various management system standards like iso 9001, iso 14001, iso 45001, iso 27001 etc.

Md Abdul is an IRCA certified Management System lead auditor in Bangladesh. He has been working in Bangladesh since 2010 on behalf of few UK Certification bodies. To reach him you may go here

ISO Registrar Bangladesh

ISO Registrar in Bangladesh post will help you to know a company who issues ISO Certificate in Bangladesh. Actually all ISO Companies are in Bangladesh are from abroad. Some are in UK, USA, Dubai or in India. So, actually most iso companies are in Bangladesh is working as foreign certification body agent. Advanced Assessment Services (AAS) is the approved agent of UK based certification body in Bangladesh.

ISO Registrar is also known as ISO Certification body or ISO Company. Usually they direct work with a company. In the beginning ISO Company came from abroad to audit and issue iso certificate in Bangladesh. But now they do not come from abroad. Because there are many ISO local auditors in Bangladesh who are qualified to perform audit.

Though there is lots of ISO auditors in Bangladesh but there is no local certification body in the region. To build a certification body it is necessary to get accreditation body approval. But Bangladesh Accreditation Body or BAB takes very high fee from the iso registrar. So, it is tuff to exist in the market competing with foreign certification body in Bangladesh. On the other hand it is tradition of Bangladeshi people to like foreign service rather than local service. That’s why certification body is not built up in Bangladesh.

To create local certification body in Bangladesh only government or its agent like BAB can take effective measures. If they can do it, then foreign certification body’s activity in the certification market will be reduced. Bangladesh will be benefited to hold money in the country.

Many ISO registrars are working in Bangladesh. Among them UK based certification body has most of the shares of ISO Certification in Bangladesh. AAS is the authorized associate of a UK based certification body IQS. It takes least money from the company to get ISO Certified. So, if are looking for ISO registrar in Bangladesh to get certificate on ISO 9001,14001, 45001,22000, HACCP and 27001 then contact this page to get certificate from UK based ISO registrar in Bangladesh.

Accredited ISO Certificate

Accredited ISO certificates

Accredited ISO certificates

Accredited ISO Certificate post will help you to understand what is accredited and what is non-accredited certificate.


Accredited means authorized by third party  or by accreditation body. This type of certificates are widely used  ISO certificates. It can be required by your buyers and in tender business.

  • Usually two logos are in accredited certificate. One logo is from CB(Certification Body) and another one is from AB(Accreditation Body)
  • The price of accredited certificates are higher than non-accrdited iso certificatees. Because extra fee is paid by CB to the AB.
  • Required documents and audit is mandatory for this  certification.
  • Ensures better quality management system
  • For internal development of any company this type of certificates are required
  • Auditor’s competence are checked bay CB/AB
  • Worldwide acceptable


Non-accredited means there is no authorization of your certificate from third party or accreditation body. It’s value is less. Because there is no supervising activities for this certification bodies.

  • Only one logo  is used in this certificate. That is CB’s logo.
  • The price of non-accredited ISO certificates are less than accredited iso certificates. Because extra fee is not paid by CB to the AB.
  • Documentation and audit rules may be violated by the CB.
  • It does not ensure quality management system is established or not.
  • It does not ensures internal development by this certification.
  • Auditor’s skill are not checked by AB.
  • Worldwide not acceptable


In Bangladesh IQS Audits Ltd, a UK based multinational certification body who provides accredited certificates in Bangladesh through Advanced Assessment Services


Some Indian companies provide non-accredited certificates in Bangladesh.



Ask your tenderer or buyer actually which type of ISO Certificate  they want? Is it accredited or non-accredited? At the same time ask your Certification Body(CB) what certificate they provides?