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Requirements of ISO 9001 should be filled up before ISO Certification. ISO 9001 is also known as quality Management System Certificate. This standard is very popular and worldwide more than million companies have adopted ISO 9001 Certificate. Many of new and small business owners do not know what are the requirements for ISO 9001 . This blog post will help them to know what are the minimum documentation requirements for ISO 9001 Certification.:

  • Quality manual
  • Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)
  • Work instruction
  • Customer feedback
  • Internal Audit
  • Management Review Meeting (MRM)
  • Approved Supplier list with evaluation
  • Setting Quality   Policy,
  • Quality Objective and Plan
  • Others

Above mentioned documents are basic and necessary for ISO 9001 standard certification. Those are the basic requirements of ISO 9001. It is also ISO Certification requirements for other standards. Before performing iso audit those documents should be created and  implemented in your organization .

That 9001 requirements can be done by company itself or an ISO consultant can be hired to prepare those documents. All activities of all departments of the company will be mentioned in those documents if applicable.

There is no specific instruction to prepare those documents. However following the iso standard you will have to create that. If you have idea about ISO Standard then you can do it by yourself. If do not, then ISO Consultant can help you to prepare those ISO documents.

Preparing those documents is not enough. You have to implement those ISO Certification requirements and instructions in your organization. An ISO auditor will check the records of all your activities. So, keeping record in proper way for all of applicable activities is important.

Minimum one Internal audit and one management review meeting record should have there before performing third party ISO certification audit. These two things are essential among other requirements of ISO 9001.

ISO 9001 is a quality management system certificate. So, usually most of the companies do not include accounts in the certification scope. However if any organization want they can include it in the ISO 9001 certification scope.

ISO 9001 needs a lot of documentation. It is called the king of  ISO standard. From complete documentation to complete development ideas are found in this most popular qms standard.  If you have the proper ISO 9001 documentation then it will easier for you to achieve ISO Certificate easily.

ISO consultation fee varies on company’s dimension and certification scope, production or service process, number of employees etc. To meet all of your requirements of ISO 9001 you can find low cost iso consultation service in Bangladesh from  here

There is also another great source to know what are the requirements of ISO 9001. You can get it from iso head office’s website iso.org for 138 swiss franc here.