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UKAS Accreditation

UKAS accreditation is a phrase which is used by many organizations who look for ISO Certification in Bangladesh. Sometimes it is used as UKAS Certification. This post will help you about this phrase UKAS accreditation or UKAS Certification. UKAS is a short form of...

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Management Review Meeting

Management Review Meeting(MRM) is one of the mandatory documents for management system ISO standard Certification and ISO certified companies. Usually it is done twice in a year after performing Internal Audit. What is the implementation status of ISO standard...

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Internal Audit

Internal Audit is mandatory for ISO Certification and for ISO Certified company for any standard. Many companies do not like to do internal audit after certification. This happens because lack of awareness on internal audit and understanding the benefits of ISO...

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CA Plan

CA Plan is one of the most important topics for ISO Certification and ISO Certified company. The details of CA Plan is Corrective Action Plan. Shortly it is called CA Plan. After performing internal audit if any NC (Nonconformity) is raised then CA plan is taken. CA...

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