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Getting ISO 9001 Certification in Bangladesh

Getting ISO 9001 Certification in Bangladesh is not difficult. This post will help you to get an idea about how to get ISO 9001 Certificate in Bangladesh. Before going to discuss the topic let’s know what is ISO? ISO is the short form of International Organization for Standardization. It’s head office is in Geneva, Switzerland. It introduces standards only. More than 19,500 standard have been introduced by this organization since it began its journey in 1947.

Different standards are adopted for different purposes in different industries. In Bangladesh, some standards are most widely used and some are not used at all. Management standards like ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, ISO 22000, OHSAS 18001, HACCP etc are most common standards  in Bangladesh.

ISO 9001 Standard is the most popular ISO Standard worldwide. It can be adopted by any kinds of organization. It is also known as quality management system standard. Any kind of and any size of Organization can use it to develop its management quality.

ISO 14001 is the environmental management system standard. To keep our environment clean, healthy, and minimizing the significant impacts causing of industry’s aspects this standard is adopted. It is also called EMS Standard. For safety environment, different types of organizations or industries including chemical, plastic, fertilizer, leather, garment, textile, dyeing, iron rod, steel pipe manufacturing companies or any other industries can adopt this ISO standard.

HACCP is adapted by food industries including food processing, food packaging, bakery or other food production compaines  and OHSAS is adopted by those industries where safety issue is a big concern. Construction, steel building, leather, machinery, heavy engineering industries, chemical industries etc are main places to adopt OHSAS standard,

How to get ISO Certificate in Bangladesh?

If you want to achieve ISO certificate you will have to contact with the certification body. Certification body issues certificate after completion its audits in the organization. In Bangladesh like others, BAS and IQS  are  UK based international Certification Body(CB). It provides the certificate at the lowest price and at the shortest time.

What is ISO cost?

The cost is different for different certification bodies. Price depends on number of issues like company process, number of employees, number of processes, complexity of the the processes, number of sites, audit interval period, number of SR audits in a year etc. However, to get instant simple and average idea about iso cost for iso certification in Bangladesh  you may contact  ISO Office in Bangladesh

What are the requirements for Management System Certification?

A large number of documents are required for mangement system certification. Among them Quality Manual, SOP, Internal audit, MRM, department wise SOP, work instruction, Flow chart, setting quality policy and  objective etc. After preparing  those documents you will have to implement those things throughout the organization, before ISO Audit from your CB.

How to prepare those ISO documents?

If you have good knowledge about ISO standard then you can make those ISO documents by yourself. If you have no enough knowledge and time to prepare those iso files  on the specific standard then you can take help from ISO Consultant in Bangladesh. AAS-BD has the good connection with experienced ISO consultants who have the long time working experiences in different sectors. To talk about hiring an ISO Consultant please go here.

How to face ISO Audit?

When your documentation is ready, then you will have to implement those things in your factory/office/project or in sites. Minimum practicing record is two months. You will have to participate in ISO audit after two months of implementation of ISO requirements.

When or How the certificate will come?

It is very common question that when you will get ISO Certificate? Getting iso 9001 certification in Bangladesh is not so hard.  Usually after completion stage1 and stage2 audits and if there is no NC,  ISO  Lead auditor  sends the audit report to the Certification body ‘s office for review.  If the CB is  satisfied on the audit report ,then the certificate is issued for your organization. Usually, certificate may come within  7-10 days after completion stage 2 audit.

What  is the validity of ISO Certificate?

The validity period  of ISO certificate is three years. After three years you will have to attend in Re-certification audit for continuation of your certificate. Participation in SR audit once in a year is also mandatory. Sometimes it can be twice or thrice in a year.

Many organizations have ISO CERTIFICATE in Bangladesh. If you are serious  about your management system development,  then you can also afford to achieve one. The price is not so high. BAS and IQS Certification in Bangladesh have very attractive price for iso certification in Bangladesh. To get a quote about ISO Certification in Bangladesh simply click the below button.