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Clause 6

There are few sub clauses in this main clause 6 of ISO 9001 2015 standard. It is defined by PLANNING. Planning is required to achieve goal. Why planning and what planning and how to take planning to achieve goal etc has been described in this clause clearly. It is also instructed to consider clause no 4.1(external and internal issues) and clause no 4.2(interested parties and requirement of interested parties)

6.1 Actions to address risks and opportunities: Before going to do any job it is necessary to find what are the possible risks behind that job at the same time it is also important thinking of possible opportunities on that job or project.

6.2 Quality objectives and planning to achieve them: It is divided into two sub clauses like 6.2.1 and 6.2.2. It is mandatory documents for the organization. During objective setting following things should be considered: 1- Quality objectives should be consistent with quality policy 2- Be measurable 3- Take into account about applicable requirements 4- Be relevant to conformity of products and services and enhance to customer satisfaction 5- Be monitored 6- Be communicated 7- Be updated as appropriate. All of these are under 6.2.1. According to sub clause 6.2.2 following things should be considered: 1- What will be done 2- What resource will be required,3-Who will be responsible 4- When it will be completed 5-How the result will be evaluated etc.

6.3 Planning of changes: It is very common for your organization to change something if necessary. From this clause 6.3 it is required to consider the following things before make any changes:

a- Consider why you are changing and what could happen from that changes b- Be ensured that QMS does not get affected negatively c- Think what you need to achieve it (people/technology) d- Consider what changes need to be made in the organization to make it happen

How to achieve ISO 9001

How to achieve ISO 9001 Certificate in Bangladesh

How to achieve iso 9001 post will help you to know how can you get iso 9001 certificate in Bangladesh. Achieve ISO 9001 Certification in Bangladesh is not difficult. Not only 9001 but it is the same process for  some other standards like ISO 14001, ISO 27001, ISO 22000, OHSAS 18001, HACCP etc.

To achieve iso 9001 simply follow the following steps:

  • Signing the contract form
  • Make 50% advance of total amount
  • Attend the Gap Analysis Visit
  • Participate in the training program
  • Prepare documents
  • Implement ISO requirements
  • Do Internal Audit
  • Take CA Plan (If any)
  • Do Management Review Meeting
  • Participate in the Certification Audit
  • Take CA Plan (if any)
  • Receive the Certificate

Those are the simple process to achieve ISO 9001 in Bangladesh


ISO Certificate in Bangladesh

iso certificate provider bangladeshISO Certificate in Bangladesh post will help you to get idea about how to get ISO Certificate in Bangladesh. Which are the popular iso standards in Bangladesh. Before going to discuss the topic let’s know what is ISO? ISO is the short form of International organization for standardization. It is located in Geneva Switzerland. It publishes standard only. It does not issue iso certificate itself. Around 20,000 standard have been published by this non profit organization since it began it’s journey. (more…)

ISO 27001 Requirement

ISO 27001 requirement post will help you to know what are the requirement for isms(information security management system standard) certification. If you have the copy of ISO 27001 standard then you can read thoroughly to know what are the requirement for this security information management system standard certification.

To prepare ISMS requirement you need to hire an ISO Consultant. An ISO implementer can help you to prepare those 27K requirements. Though 27001 standard is similar with other management standards like 9001, 14001, 22000, 45001 etc but  documentation should be done carefully with extra care for 27001 implementation. Because it can be your great tool to manage and monitor your information related various online and offline based threat.

Important information may be disclosed and great risk can be arise if your 27001 standard instruction or documentations are not prepared properly and not implemented accurately. That’s why an expert ISMS consultant can help you to prepare those documents skillfully.

27001:2013 has many documentation  requirements. However following are the mandatory documents and instructions for information security management system certification:

  • Scope of the information security management system standard (4.3)
  • ISMS policy (5.2 e)
  • Information security risk assessment process (6.1.2)
  • Information security risk treatment process (6.1.3)
  • Statement of Applicability (SoA) (6.1.3 d)
  • Information security objectives (6.2)
  • Evidence of competence (7.2)
  • Documentation necessary for the effectiveness of the 27001 standard(7.5.1 b)
  • Documentation necessary to have confidence that the processes required for operational planning and control have been carried out as planned (8.1)
  • Results of information security risk assessments (8.2)
  • Results of information security risk treatments (8.3)
  • Evidence of the information security performance monitoring and measurement results (9.1)
  • Internal audit  (9.2 g)
  • Management reviews (9.3)
  • Nonconformities and Corrective actions (10.1)

AAS has several ISO 27001 Consultants who can help you to prepare  27001 requirements skillfully.  They are dependable because they have already worked as 27001 lead implementer in different organizations including Uttara Bank. You can contact with AAS from this page to prepare and implement iso 27001 requirement for your organization.

Certificate Check

Check ISO Certificate


ISO Certificate check is very common question to may people specially clients, employees, tenders, government agents, business partner importers and others. This post will help you to answer your question.

ISO Certificates are checked to verify the genuineness of the certificates. Because there are many fake businessmen or service providers who do not like to spend money to achieve certificate. So, they find fake certificate or prepare face certificate by themselves. Specially who do tender business or supplying business they find this shortcut and illegal way to get certificate.

If you want to check iso certificate then you should know two company names one is certification body and another one is accreditation body. These two names are seen inside the certificate. Usually website link, phone number, email and contact address are found for both the bodies in the certificate. So, you can write email or you can call to the numbers about the certificates genuineness.

Some times certificate’s authenticity can be checked in certification’s body website. As an example if you received certificate from us i.e IQS AUDITS LTD then simply you can go to this link https://iqsaudits.com/certificate-authenticity/ to check your certificate. Entering your company name or certificate’s number in the search box you can check your certificate’s authenticity easily.

Sometimes people call me how he will check his certificates from online. Certificate can be checked only from your Certification body or from Accreditation body. If you are not sure who is certification body and who is your accreditation body then simply send the copy of your ISO certificate to us, then we can help you to know the certificate’s status.