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Leadership is the direction from the top management to achieve certain goals in an organization. A good leadership creates good environment for work and motivate staffs to be involved to meet its customer requirements. Leadership is the fifth term and clause of ISO 9001:2015 Standard. A plenty of works have been described in this clause for the top management. Some of the major responsibilities have been described in below:

  • Take accountability of effectiveness of the quality management system
  • Be focused on customer satisfaction
  • Establish, implement and maintain a quality policy and share it to all interested parties
  • Engaging, directing and supporting persons for effective implementation of QMS
  • Work on improvement.
  • Ensure customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements are met
  • Identify the risks and opportunity which can affect the products or services it provides
  • The focus on enhancing customer satisfaction is maintained.
  • Assigning the roles and responsibilities and authorities of the staffs
  • Ensure the enough resources are there for effectively implementation of QMS

How to Get ISO Certification

How to get ISO certification post will help you to know the certification steps in Bangladesh. Following five steps are followed to get ISO Certification:

how to get iso certification
How to get ISO Certification

Select Certification Body: Certification body(CB) is the company who provides iso certificate. So, it is your first job finding a certification body. In this stage you will consider a well known CB and origin of that CB. Usually people like UK based Certification body in Bangladesh, though recently some other country based CB like Dubai, Australia and India are also working in Bangladesh.

Fix the Certification Cost: Different ISO Company take different fee for ISO certification. So, it is important issue what should be confirmed first. Usually Indian, Malaysian or China based CB take low fee but UK based CB takes higher fee for certification. Some take yearly fee some do not take yearly fee. Based on your activities, process, location, employee the certification cost varies. So, without knowing information of your company it is not possible to say the actual cost of certification.


Training and Documentation: Many Certification Bodies provide training and during training session they say what are the documents need before certification. These documents can be prepared by yourself or by hiring a consultant. For this service some Company take extra fee some do not.

Internal Audit: Internal audit is mandatory for ISO certification and after iso certification. It is done by the client. During training session you can learn how to do Internal audit. So, you can do it by yourself or by hiring a consultant.

Stage1 and Stage2 Audit: It is the last stage of certification process. When the above 4 things are done then this stage1 and stage2 audits are performed by certification body(CB). After completion this stage you can achieve certificate within 7-10 days.


The above mentioned 5 steps are common for all ISO standards certification method including 9001, 14001, 45001, 27001, 22000, 13485 etc. Sometimes calibration is necessary for those companies who use measurement devices in the manufacturing factory.

ISO 13485 Certification in Bangladesh

ISO 13485 Certification in Bangladesh post will help you to know who needs this certificate, cost of the certificate and how to obtain this iso 13485:2016 certificate.

ISO 13485 is the certificate for medical device manufacturers. Who wants to develop the quality of the medical devices including face mask, surgical mask, gown as well as other PPE they need this standard. If you have this certificate you can export your medical items to many countries.

To export your mask or other medical PPE in EU market CE mark is necessary. But due to lack of lab test facility in Bangladesh it is difficult to obtain CE marking certificate from notified body of EU. Considering this problem obtaining ISO 13485 certificate is easier and cost savvy.

To know the cost and procedure you may call 01742125232 for ISO 13485 Certification in Bangladesh.

ISO 27001 Certification Bangladesh

ISO 27001 Certification is the standard for information security management. The company who is concerned about his information or data may be interested to adopt ISO 27001 certification. Usually IT firm, bank, insurance company ecommerce sites, outsourcing company or any type of financial organizations need this standard.

Now online hacking and stealing data is very common problem around the world. So, each financial organization is in great risk to save itself from online robbery. Any time data can be stolen and financially you can be looser. So, there is no reason waiting to adopt ISO 27001 Certification.

With this ISMS standard a company can demonstrate to its existing and potential customers, suppliers and shareholders the integrity of its data and systems and commitment to information security. It helps to get new business opportunities with security-conscious customers.

CALL 017421252 FOR QUOTE OF 27001

Some regular jobs are done like monitoring online server activities, keeping record, analysing those record and taking corrective action against any incident (if) and that are the regular practice according to the ISMS Standard requirements.

Taking certification from AAS on ISO/IEC 27001 information security certification means better-performing processes, increasingly skillful talent and more sustainable customer relationships. AAS has already certified several financial and IT firms in Bangladesh successfully including Uttara Bank Ltd.

iso 27001 certification

AAS has most experienced ISO/IEC 27001 Lead Auditor. Not only that 27001 Lead implementer list are also available from AAS to implement 27K guidelines properly before certification to 27001:2013 standard. AAS has certified many organizations including Uttara Bank, CDBL.

CALL 01742125232 TO GET CERTIFIED ON 27001

27001 Standard should be implemented strictly before going to certification. If it is not implemented properly then there will be a possible risk in your system. So, hiring a skilled lead implementer is your first job before ISMS Certification.

The iso 27001:2013 standard can improve employee ethics and strengthen the nature of confidentiality throughout the workplace. It also allows you to enforce information security and reduce the possible accident, risk of hack, cheat, fraud, information loss and disclosure.

Finding an expert ISO 27001 lead implementer who have been working in this industry is a tough job. You can rest on AAS to find your right 27001 consultant to develop your processes before moving to 27K certification. To connect with AAS you may go this page or to know the required documents you may visit required documents for ISO 27001 certification Bangladesh

Context of the organization

It is the fourth clause of ISO 9001:2015 standard. Context means circumstances or condition of the company. So, in this clause details idea of the company should be clarified including what kind of product or services it provides, what are the necessary processes what are the external and internal issues, who are the interested parties what is the scope of the quality management system etc should be mentioned clearly before proceed to certification to ISO 9001:2015.

There are four sub clauses of this principal clause number 4. They are: 4.1 Understanding the organization and its context , 4.2 Understanding the needs and expectations of interested parties, 4.3 Determining the scope of the quality management system, 4.4 Quality management system and its processes

4.1: Understanding the organization and its context : The organization shall determine, regularly monitor & review the external and internal issues. External issues are legal, technological, competitive, market, cultural, social and economic environments, whether international, national etc. Internal issues are organizational values, culture, knowledge, and performance.

4.2: Understanding the needs and expectations of interested parties: Two things are mentioned in this sub clause. That are: determine the interested parties and assess the requirements of those parties which are relevant to its QMS. It can vary company to company. However the common interested parties are: customers, owners, employees, providers, bankers, regulators, unions, partners, community, news media, competitors, law enforcement, emergency responders etc.

4.3: Determining the scope of the quality management system: It is one of the required and mandatory requirements for company and it shall be maintained as documented information. Scope determining time the following things should be considered: a) external and internal issues (see 4.1); b) requirements of relevant interested parties (see 4.2); c) products and services of organization. The organization shall apply all the requirements of this QMS standard 9001:2015. However, provide logical justification if any clause is not applicable in scope of quality management system.

4.4: Quality management system and its processes: Determining the processes and showing their interactions among the processes is mandatory for effective implementation of the qms in the organization. In the processes following things should be included: a) determine the inputs required and the outputs expected from these processes; b) determine the sequence and interaction of these processes; c) determine and apply the criteria and methods (including monitoring, measurements and related performance indicators) needed to ensure the effective operation and control of these processes; d) determine the resources needed for these processes and ensure their availability; e) assign the responsibilities and authorities for these processes; f) address the risks and opportunities as determined in accordance with the requirements of 6.1; g) evaluate these processes and implement any changes needed to ensure that these processes achieve their intended results; h) improve the processes and the quality management system. Documented information and retain documented information for the processes is also necessary. During the audit these documented information and retain documented information will be reviewed by the auditor. Go to read about ISO 9001 Clause number 5