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How to achieve ISO 9001

How to achieve ISO 9001 Certificate in Bangladesh

How to achieve iso 9001 post will help you to know how can you get iso 9001 certificate in Bangladesh. Achieve ISO 9001 Certification in Bangladesh is not difficult. Not only 9001 but it is the same process for  some other standards like ISO 14001, ISO 27001, ISO 22000, OHSAS 18001, HACCP etc.

To achieve iso 9001 simply follow the following steps:

  • Signing the contract form
  • Make 50% advance of total amount
  • Attend the Gap Analysis Visit
  • Participate in the training program
  • Prepare documents
  • Implement ISO requirements
  • Do Internal Audit
  • Take CA Plan (If any)
  • Do Management Review Meeting
  • Participate in the Certification Audit
  • Take CA Plan (if any)
  • Receive the Certificate

Those are the simple process to achieve ISO 9001 in Bangladesh


How to Get ISO Certification

How to get ISO certification post will help you to know the certification steps in Bangladesh. Following five steps are followed to get ISO Certification:

how to get iso certification
How to get ISO Certification

Select Certification Body: Certification body(CB) is the company who provides iso certificate. So, it is your first job finding a certification body. In this stage you will consider a well known CB and origin of that CB. Usually people like UK based Certification body in Bangladesh, though recently some other country based CB like Dubai, Australia and India are also working in Bangladesh.

Fix the Certification Cost: Different ISO Company take different fee for ISO certification. So, it is important issue what should be confirmed first. Usually Indian, Malaysian or China based CB take low fee but UK based CB takes higher fee for certification. Some take yearly fee some do not take yearly fee. Based on your activities, process, location, employee the certification cost varies. So, without knowing information of your company it is not possible to say the actual cost of certification.


Training and Documentation: Many Certification Bodies provide training and during training session they say what are the documents need before certification. These documents can be prepared by yourself or by hiring a consultant. For this service some Company take extra fee some do not.

Internal Audit: Internal audit is mandatory for ISO certification and after iso certification. It is done by the client. During training session you can learn how to do Internal audit. So, you can do it by yourself or by hiring a consultant.

Stage1 and Stage2 Audit: It is the last stage of certification process. When the above 4 things are done then this stage1 and stage2 audits are performed by certification body(CB). After completion this stage you can achieve certificate within 7-10 days.


The above mentioned 5 steps are common for all ISO standards certification method including 9001, 14001, 45001, 27001, 22000, 13485 etc. Sometimes calibration is necessary for those companies who use measurement devices in the manufacturing factory.

Iso 9001 Certification Bangladesh

Iso 9001 Certification Bangladesh|by aas

ISO 9001 Certification Bangladesh page will help you to know various terms on this topic. Some common terms and questions have been discussed in below:

What is ISO 9001 Certification? How to Apply?
What is ISO 9001 Certification Cost?
How Long to Obtain ISO Certification in Bangladesh?
ISO 9001 Certification is known as quality management system or QMS standard. It can be adopted by any kind and any size of organization including manufacturing, trading, supplying and service providing company.
Three easy ways to apply for Iso 9001 certification
1. Select ISO Certification Body
2. Confirm the cost
3. Confirm the duration
The cost actually depends on various issues like scope, number of sites, number of employees, processes, locations etc. So, to get quotation you should talk with the 9001 certification body in BangladeshTime duration depends on company radius including company documentation status, scope, number of sites, processes etc.

You may call 01742125232 or email us at info@aas-bd.com for details about ISO 9001 Certification Bangladesh from aas.

Apply for ISO Certification

Apply for ISO Certification is very common question to new comers who are searching for ISO Certification for their organization. I hope this post will help them to get idea about iso certification process. This post is the common certification process for all ISO standards like 9001, 14001, 45001, 27001 etc. Following step by step process will show you how to apply for ISO Certification in Bangladesh:

  1. Find Certification body from Google
  2. Discuss with Certification Body about the process and cost
  3. Apply for Certification
  4. Make  advance payment
  5. Prepare ISO guidelines
  6. Implement ISO guidelines
  7. Do Internal Audit
  8. Take CA Plan
  9. Invite CB to perform audit
  10. Wait for Certificate

If you have question to know more do not forget to post your question at the below of this post or simply visit this page to contact directly with certification body office in Bangladesh. You can send email from that page also to know about apply for ISO Certification.

ISO Certification for University

iso certification for universityISO Certification for university post will help you to know how an ISO standard i.e 9001 Standard can help you to develop your management system throughout the university.

Before going to know the benefits of the standard you should know about the standard 9001 a little bit. ISO 9001 Standard is a standard like other standards published by ISO head office in Geneva. It is most popular and widely used standard among others. The main cause of so popularity of this standard is its applicability. Only this is the standard which is applicable to any size, and any kind of organization.

By adopting this 9001:2015 standard you can get guidelines to control all of the processes or departments inside your institution. No other standard has so extensive radius of applicability like this qms standard. In the university you can control your teaching method for the teachers and guidelines for students also. You can evaluate both the teachers teaching quality  and students learning capability.

How teachers are teaching the students. What the students are saying about your teachers. All guidelines can be get from this standard.

Customer’s satisfaction is one of the major principles of ISO 9001 Standard. As a university authority your customers are students. So, how much your Students are satisfied on your teaching method and on your management system and how they are doing in exam that should be your focus point in your teaching policy.

ISO 9001:2015 will guide you how can you measure the students’ satisfaction and how can you develop your management system. Not only that, for maintaining quality management system in your institute you should know what your interested parties are saying about your existing management system.

Now come to your office management. How your management is running. Is there any problem inside your management. How they are behaving with the students. Are they doing their jobs properly? All these things should be monitored according to ISO Quality standard guidelines.

Documents and record keeping are the major and important task of a university. How can you control your documents and records according to the international standard that guidelines are also found from this standard.

Continual development is another major principles of ISO 9001 Standard. How students are doing in their exam or in semister exam? How can you help them to do better in next exam and how can you  develop their learning power that things should be practiced if you adopt this standard.

There are so many private universities in Bangladesh. You will have to analyze various data about your present status comparing with other universities. How can you overcome your competitors, How can you increase your ranking status, How your teachers and management staffs can help you to achieve  that goal that are guided in this standard.

In various way ISO 9001 Standard can help you to establish all the guidelines for your institutions and later how you will implement those guidelines and finally how those are working that can be measured according to the ISO 9001:2015 guidelines.

AAS has expert auditor’s panel who have been working in different sectors for long time in Bangladesh. They can help you to establishing and implementing ISO Standard’s guideline in your university. When you will claim that ISO guidelines have been implemented in your institute then CB auditor will perform audit before certification.

AAS has been working with the UK based ISO certification body for long time. So, if you are thinking to develop your university management system, then adopting ISO 9001 Standard can be the right decision for you. To get iso certification process and cost for the university you may visit this page to contact.